ISOFOR - Installation

Below are described the processes by which is achieved the thermal insulation of gaps, holes, and crack on walls. Each operation is outlined in detail: from the preliminary stages of inspection and control to the preparation of the insulating material, until the completion of the thermal insulation of the interspace. ISOFOR® foam is injected into the cavity through a geometric grid of holes, specially calculated, working on the interior or on the exterior face of the wall. The technicians of the company use special equipment, provided and transported to the construction site or at private homes by the company itself, and operate in complete autonomy. Resin and hardener are diluted by a mechanical process that allows us to obtain two homogeneous solutions. The dispensing machine remains on the ground floor of the yard and only the individual products are pushed through pipes and through pressure from the compressors to the gun where the foaming resin and hardener are mixed, forming the foam ISOFOR®. The optimal quality of the foam is guaranteed by controls performed by the technicians themselves, both with visual inspections, made possible by their practical experience, and with measures of the weight of the product and the time of gelification. At the end of these tests, takes place the injection of ISOFOR® foam inside the cavity with a controlled pressure that does not damage the walls: the result will be a stable and perfect acoustic and thermal insulation whose durability is equal to that of the building itself. The grid of holes ,necessary for the application of the foam ISOFOR®, disappears completely after the stage of plastering or sealing. We emphasize that the implementation of the foam ISOFOR® does not interfere at all with the other activities of the yard, this greatly simplifies the entire operation, which is performed in a short period of time and with a sensible cost containment. The toxic properties of the insulating foam ISOFOR ® are non-existent, as widely reported in the test reports. ISOFOR® is a valuable aid for the builder for the proper and cost-effective application of the law 10/91, which regulates the use and characteristics of thermal insulation, and turns out to be a higly reliable insulation material for the designer and the heating engineer for its durability and correctness of implementation, due to the special and safe technique of injection employed.